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2020 is a year I'm returning to work on Gbloink! and some other ArtToys.

I'm going to try to set a faster pace of iterative development of both a new Gbloink! and some other experimental musical toys. Some of which I'm using with the Brasilia Laptop Orchestra and NĂ´made Lab and in other live interactive generative music projects.

The first new release is a version of Gbloink! now written in Processing using my ArtToys Version 1 library and the recently released Processing Sound library. This, in principle, lets us create stand-alone Java programs that can run on all three of the main desktop operating systems. Plus Android.

Currently there are downloads for Windows and Linux. I need to find someone with a Mac to compile the Mac version. Android is scheduled too, further down the line. Gbloink! on a tablet is, of course, a holy grail.

Gbloink! Windows 32bit version » (Should also run OK on 64 bit)

Gbloink! Linux 32bit version » (Should also run OK on 64 bit)

Note that unlike earlier versions of Gbloink! I've chosen not to let the user create and destroy obstacles. In this version a large number of blocks are created as a top / bottom border. And then the user can drag into the main play area and arrange them to create the "score".


There was an experimental in-browser version in CoffeeScript, using the MIDI.js library. Unfortunately it only has a piano sound and really needs porting to something more up-to-date. But it's the easiest way to get a feel for playing with Gbloink!

Gbloink! in the browser »

Source on GitHub (GPL3) »


Gbloink! was originally written in Visual Basic in 1997. It may still run on your Windows machine but is no longer supported. Gbloink! 1.5 was the more stable, reliable release. 1.8 was larger, more experimental, with more features, but less coherence.

Gbloink! 1.5 »

Gbloink! 1.8 (experimental!) »