The Great Grimpen Mire is the result of me playing with an early (pre 1.5) version of Gbloink! on Windows 3.1.

The sounds are from an original 8-bit SoundBlaster card and fed through a cheap echo FX unit. This gives the three central pieces a squelchy kind of sound as all the chords and instruments are fed through the same "slap-back" effect. Tracks are further muffled through having been recorded initially onto cassette.

The last track, Poisonwood wasn't originally part of this set. In fact, it's the first ever recording from Gbloink!, made in around 1997. Recorded, untreated, straight onto cassette, this track is so early that Gbloink! didn't even have major and minor scales at the time (hence its chromaticism).

Poisonwood is dedicated to the memory of my friend Argi, who was the first recipient of one of my original "unique" (as in, only one copy ever existed) Gbloink! tapes (which this piece began.)