Three tracks culled from three different sessions

While the rest of these longer sessions are OK; in their entireties, they're pretty long and don't offer much over Jan 21st, 2001 which to me is the definitive exploration of gbloink! 1.8 using the SoundBlaster Live!

Each did have its more striking and interesting movements, though, so I've gathered them here.

  • Dalloway forces high-pitched pads and panpipes into an almost unbearable drone. Too loud for the digital recording it clips awkwardly on occassions. Yet achieves a kind of harsh digital sublimity, somewhere between noise and new-age.
  • Gbloink! vs. Gbloink! is one of several attempts to use Gbloink! with other music generating / sound-making software. Although in this case, the twist is that a Gbloink! improvisation was recorded, and then a second improvisation was recorded over the top. It's basically two Gbloink!s playing together. Note that at one point the underlying recording was restarted so there's a about a minute's worth of repetition at the beginning of one of the tracks.
  • This Paluscran was originally the "Nifts" section of a longer improvisation (also called "Paluscran"). The rest was forgetable, but in my not so humble opinion this is probably the best, most interesting and ambitious piece I ever produced with Gbloink!

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